Making Sexuality a Priority in Families.

When I dropped off my 9 year old son at school today he said, “Have fun on your date with dad!” before kissing us good bye.   My husband took the morning off, and we went out for breakfast, and then had a couples’ massage together before he had to be back at work.  Today is […]

Making Memories A Priority – Herndon Ranch Remembers

I want to find a way to capture these memories and stories from my life before they are gone.  In one month I will be 50 years old, and my parents are still alive, but their siblings are either gone or in Hospice.  Before long, my sisters and I will be the senior generation.   I […]

Making Relationships a Priority in Greece – One Perspective on Greek Family Psychotherapy

During my travel overseas to meet my husband’s extended family, I met with five Family Psychologists in Athens to discuss their perspective on Family dynamics and the practice of Family Psychotherapy in Greece. They shared what they find meaningful, the challenges they face, and their hopes for the future of Family Therapy in Greece. Since we met at the beginning of my visit, there were observations I made of the landscape of Greece that illustrated some of the struggles they experience in their profession. As I compare my experience in America to these observations of Greece, I wonder about the context in which Family Psychotherapy can grow in Greece and how to contribute to that growth. In addition, these providers helped me understand some of the Greek values that may have an influence in my own family.

Making Ethical Relationships a Priority on Facebook

Social media is a tool for creating community. I see value in sharing my path toward making the world a better place, so I did not hesitate to include current and former clients as “friends” on Facebook. I focus my “status updates” on affirming life messages and only post information that I would readily admit to a complete stranger. Social media is not private, and I accept responsibility for the nature of my communication in cyberspace.

Making Spirituality a Priority

In preparation for our upcoming trip to Greece, Jacob and I attended our First Unitarian Church service and St. George Greek Orthodox Church both in Albuquerque, NM.  Our family has attended St. George’s Greek Festival several times in the past and one service during the Christmas holidays.  First Unitarian is our home congregation that we […]

Making Fitness a Priority in your Family

Last week, my family’s participation in shared fitness goals was featured in an article titled “Fit Families” in the Albuquerque Journal (3/23/20, pages B1-2).  This weekend, my son and I will begin 5 weeks of roller skating lessons together.  I hope this leads to both of us feeling confident and safe skating together.  I have […]

Articles By Lisa Johnson, LMFT

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Making Relationships a Priority Blog

Welcome to the Making Relationships a Priority Blog. I hope to create an interactive discussion about making relationships a priority in your life.  I plan to host discussions about creating and maintaining healthy relationships for couples, parents,  partners, friends,  and kin.  Please share your insights in the comments section to add to the discussion.