Lisa’s Library

It is important to me that any book I recommend builds on the values and skills of the person reading it, rather than trying to get them to try something completely different from what feels comfortable and natural to you.  For example, many parenting books tell you THEIR idea about the right way to be a parent, and sometimes it is helpful and sometimes it is not.  I like a values-based approach so that the interventions I am teaching are rooted in my values.

I have a shelf full of books that I often recommend to families, and even more that I have loaned that sometimes do not return.  I hope this is because other people find them a useful resource.  With close to 20 years of experience as a family therapist recommending books to folks, I hope that my recommendations are useful to others.

This is why I have created Lisa’s Library page.  If you would like Amazon to share the profits of your purchase with me, Visit Lisa’s Library by clicking here. It is full of great resource books to choose from.

For book focusing on other topics, please click here to visit my other library pages for recommendations.