I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I’ve helped. Simply give me a call, and I’ll be happy to connect you with them.

The intake process:

During my initial search for a therapist, I conducted a great deal of online research, and must say that Dr. Johnson’s website truly motivated me to contact her for an appointment.  The website is very informative, clearly defines her level of experience and expertise, and displays her passion for her work.

When I made the decision to contact Dr. Johnson for an appointment, I did so by email, and received a prompt response by way of secure email.  I hadn’t heard of eCipher as a means of transmitting encrypted email before, but found it extremely easy to use and an obvious “no-brainer” for anyone in the medical field or anyone who sends sensitive or personal information by email.  It seems like a great product.

After requesting an initial appointment, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dr. Johnson’s assistant would be taking care of verifying my insurance benefits, rather than my having to call my insurance company.  Her assistant, SueAnne, did verify my benefits right away, saving me the hassle at work.

Although I ultimately decided to pursue therapy elsewhere, due to insurance deductible expense, I was impressed with the fact that Dr. Johnson took the time and effort to communicate some options and recommendations for me.

I will definitely have Dr. Johnson at the top of my list for any further therapy in the future.

Beginning therapy:

I loved the way Lisa was explicit at the very beginning by defining the therapy goals and defining when and how we would know when those goals would be reached. It was the first time in my life that a therapist helped me be explicit about what I wanted and what it would look like when I got there, and then helped me through that entire process until we reached the desired outcome.  I felt as if I was her most important client. She knew my situation and stayed focused on what I wanted/needed. I believe she has gone above and beyond what is normally expected of a therapist. I felt a heart connection, not just a “paid friend”.

Lisa’s Library to support therapy:

Lisa was very helpful in leading me to relevant readings related to the situation we were working on. I appreciate that.

Multiple Family members involved in therapy:

My interaction with Lisa started when trying to find a therapist for my teenage daughter. My daughter had been to several therapists and basically did not relate to any of them until she saw Lisa. Lisa has an incredible ability to deal with the most difficult of teenagers. She did a lot of work with my daughter and with me. Never did she compromise the relationship with either one of us. Lisa has been instrumental in helping me grow as a parent and deal with a challenging teenage girl. She has also facilitated my individual growth and development such that after 17 years of being a single woman, I have opened my heart to a wonderful man. Lisa is a highly intelligent, intuitive and skilled therapist and she creates a completely safe environment for her clients, whether they are teenagers or adults. I completely trusted her and so did my teenage daughter.  Lisa was always totally interested and involved. She is absolutely the best!